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… is a master metalsmith and custom studio jeweler.
She creates jewelry that is powerful, narrative and exquisitely well made.

Truly one of a kind.











You are not ordinary. Your story is not ordinary. Nor should your jewelry be ordinary.



  • Explore the collection to select from Ginger’s original handmade designs….

    • Contemporary & Organic
    • Narrative Design
    • Exquisitely Handmade
    • Available Online & In-Store
    • Wear What You Love
    • Love What You Wear


  • Jewelry is personal. Ginger loves to create one-of-a-kind pieces for her clients.

    • Unique To You
    • Impeccable Quality
    • See the Process Unfold
    • Capture your Story
    • Be Different


  • Ginger has years of experience in fine jewelry repair and restoration.

    • Careful and Thorough
    • Never Cavalier
    • Invisible Repair Goal
    • Full Restorations of Beloved Pieces
    • Keep Everything Secure
    • Trust the Wearing


  • Make use of gemstones and precious metal pieces you already own and have Ginger create something new just for you.

    • Honor the History
    • A New Design for Now and Tomorrow
    • Transform Something You Never Wear
    • Melt It or Rebuild It

Interested in having a custom jewelry piece made?

Custom Jewelry Process

Bespoke jewelry in four phases


Sparks often fly as ideas arrive and solutions begin to follow. This first phase is where ideas develop for your custom piece. It’s where Ginger learns what you are looking for in a custom jewelry piece and why. Your narrative is the core around which the jewelry design develops.


Using your narrative and all the parameters you’ve provided, Ginger retreats to design something just for you. Sketches, materials and processes are evaluated and planned as Ginger also prepares an estimate for you. This phase culminates with a Custom Jewelry Design Plan just for you.


With the design and all other plans in place, Ginger goes to her bench to create your special piece. This is typically the longest phase of the four, but the most magical. Ginger provides you with a virtual studio page where she will often post process photos and other updates for you so you always know how things are going.


With the piece completed, it will be photographed, packaged and prepared for presentation. This is the shortest of the four phases, but the most fun as you and Ginger celebrate the realization of your shared vision. Ta-daa!

Do I have to know exactly what I want before the initial consultation?

No, I will help you figure that out if you’re unsure of exactly what you’d like made.

Do I get to be involved in the custom process?

Absolutely! When I am creating bespoke pieces, the narrative that is the source of the design does not belong to me. It belongs to you. I respect that. The process of creating a custom jewelry piece is a collaboration. I am the expert on jewelry and technical parameters. You are the expert on the story.

How do I know what’s going on with my custom piece?

All of my custom jewelry clients get to share a virtual studio with me. This is a private page on my website where we track milestones in the process, and we also share process photos of the making of the piece.

What if I’m not local and I want to commission a ring, but I don’t know my ring size?

You can always visit any jewelry store and ask to have your ring size determined. Additionally, I have created a document that provides two do-it-yourself methods to determine your ring size. Click the Ring Sizing Guide link below to download the file. Also, in the event that you commission a ring style that is not easily resizable, I can add a sizing-via-prototype step to the process in which I would ship several sample prototypes to you to try on and ship back.

Do you do a lot of custom work?

Yes. It varies from season to season, but custom work has been keeping me busy for years now.

Is it better to have something custom made than just buying a finished piece?

Custom jewelry is completely personal. Because each piece is handmade, no two are alike. If you value uniqueness, then handmade is for you. If you are seeking to honor a narrative in a specific way, then custom jewelry is for you.

Is it more expensive to have something custom made?

Not necessarily. It’s a specific process, and a creative process, but it doesn’t have to be an exorbitantly expensive process. I am more comfortable when my clients and I discuss budget early in the conversation so that the expenditure that is comfortable for the client is a factor in the design process.

How long does it take to have something made?

There are variables that affect the time frame. Among them are how many other projects I have on my bench at the time, the technical processes required to achieve your piece, etc. Time frame will be discussed during your initial free consultation but, typically the turnaround time can be anywhere from two weeks to three months.

What materials do you use?

I am comfortable working in silver, gold, palladium white gold, palladium, platinum, copper, steel, enamel, gemstones, pearls, and found materials.

What processes do you use?

In my studio I use forging, fabrication, enameling, piercing, soldering, stone setting, wax carving, etching, foldforming, and many other metalsmithing processes. When CAD or casting are required, I outsource those steps in the project, but I do all the preliminary and finishing steps before and after that in my own studio.

How much does it cost?

The initial consultation is free.
If we agree during the initial consultation that we’d like to pursue the project further, there is design fee that covers the development of the detailed design and project estimate. That fee is applied to the deposit required for any custom piece. When I create an estimate for higher end projects, I will provide a breakdown of costs, including metal stock (based on the current metal markets), other supply costs, and benchwork (labor) fees. This method allows you to tweak the project to fit your budget, such as using less gold to cut metal costs or further embellishing the design to increase bench fees.
Other pieces are more straightforward, so I’m able to quote those prices with a flat rate. Adjustments up or down are always an option.

How long is a custom jewelry estimate valid?

Any custom jewelry estimate I provide for you is valid for 30 days. However, in the event that a change in the precious metal markets affects the cost by more than $100 either way, the estimate must be revised.

How much of a deposit do you require?

The deposit required is half of the estimated cost.

What if I don’t like the final piece?

Client satisfaction is important to me. I work toward clear communication with my clients during all phases of the process so that we both understand what’s developing. I am open to client input throughout the entire process. Custom pieces are final sales because of the specific, highly personal nature of each piece. But rest assured that I make clarity and satisfaction a priority.

Can I give you metal or stones that I already have to use to make the new piece?

Yes, absolutely.
I welcome projects that use heirloom pieces. There are a number of ways to approach this process. Sometimes we can use the actual metal from a piece or pieces that you already have to make a new piece. (For example, I have used one ring that belonged to a loved one to make several pieces for all the members of the family.) Other times we may choose to use only the stone or stones from an heirloom piece, make an entirely new piece , and give you credit for the “scrap metal” toward the cost of the new piece. There are technical considerations, of course, so I will evaluate each project and each piece on a case-by-case basis.

Interactive Designs

GMA Signature Collection

GMA Signature Collection

Ginger’s Signature Collection features designs created to honor a universal narrative. Balance. Enlightenment. Flow. And, Legacy.


Bespoke & Beautiful

Bespoke & Beautiful

Ginger’s collection of bespoke pieces created includes lockets, rings and more. And every piece has a story.


Jewelry Is Personal

Jewelry Is Personal

You are not ordinary. Your story is not ordinary. Nor should your jewelry be ordinary.



In her work Ginger combines artisan skill with aesthetic finesse in making jewelry and small vessels in her downtown metals studio. Her skills at the bench, including forging, fabricating, etching, hollowform construction, creative stonesetting and texturing – when linked with her eye for contemporary but organic design – generate a unique and expressive body of work that conveys the mark of the human hand.

Whether commissioned by a custom client or generated by Ginger’s personal artistic vision, each piece is a meaningful celebration of the power of both art and fine craft to inspire, commemorate and preserve.