About Commissioning Custom Jewelry

Jewelry is personal.

Decisions. Accomplishments. Commitments. Love.

Standing at a jewelry counter before a smorgasbord of manufactured jewelry is not always the best place to be when you want something special. It all looks basically the same. And it feels… well… ordinary.

You are not ordinary. Your story is not ordinary. Nor should your jewelry be ordinary.

Stories are meant to be told, and exceptional well-selected jewelry ensures that our story is told, and retold, celebrating it each and every time.

I am not about bling. I listen to your story, and then design and create something that is completely unique and meticulously made for you.

The happiest people I know are the ones who approach life deliberately. They engage fully in every moment. It doesn’t matter if they have accolades and acclaim. They are remarkable, and they live remarkable lives. These people are the kind of people who commission me.

“Ginger’s work has blown me away every time.” -Patrick P.

“I won’t wear anything else. Only Ginger’s work.” Kim G.

“I just tell my husband to go to Ginger.” -Kate W.


Jewelry is my language.

I believe in the power of narrative. I hear an opus every time I take a client’s narrative and create a piece of wearable art that will honor their story and enrich their lives. I appreciate and adore beauty in life.
This is me the artist.

I also get really excited about torches, hammers and the properties of precious metals and gemstones. I love figuring out how to make something be beautiful and sturdy at the same time.
This is me the engineer.

The combination of my artist and my engineer make me good at what I do. I have studied with amazing studio instructors, and I have more than two decades of experience at the bench. I have created hundreds of custom pieces for my clients around the world, and every day I show up at my bench still fascinated by the work that I have the honor of doing.


Ginger Meek Allen

Ginger Meek Allen
Credit: Rupa Kapoor


A life well-lived is a collection of moments. Whether marked by tears, laughter, pride or gratitude, those moments comprise our story. Everyone has a story.

“Ginger’s unique ability is hearing the parts I’m not saying when I tell her what I’m looking for and why I want something for my wife.” -Jay W.

Perhaps it’s time to step up and find an extraordinary piece to express your love for that special someone. Perhaps you’re looking to honor an accomplishment you’ve just made in your own life. Or maybe it’s time to say “thank you” to someone who has been there for you.


My clients and I often develop an ongoing relationship. Each time I am honored to create special pieces for them as they celebrate and honor their lives and the moments along their journeys.

Kyle and Kristen had been together since college, and Kyle knew it was time. Their labradors Skillet and Krisco knew it was time. I had been creating unique pieces for Kyle’s dad to give to his mom for years, so he came to see me to talk about an engagement ring for Kristen.

Photo Credit: Sarah D’Ambra Photography

We designed a set that captured both their love of the outdoors and his orderly sensibilities as a builder. I applied a hand-forged texture to the engagement ring within deep rails of white gold. After I finished the engagement ring, Kyle kept it in his sock drawer for weeks. Months even. Finally it came out of the sock drawer, and she said yes! And then I had the honor of making jewelry for the entire bridal party. And then for birthdays and anniversaries after that.

Working with an artist to create a high-quality piece designed to tell your story ensures a unique result. Unique story. Unique jewelry.


With the birth of his third son just around the corner, Brian called me in the course of his search for a locket for his wife. He knew she wanted a locket to capture images of those precious boys. He wanted her to have a locket that was exceptional – extraordinary, even – because his wife is extraordinary. That’s what he told me. That, and he also said, “I want to live a remarkable life.”

Commissioning me to make a locket for his wife was the kind of thing he wanted to be about. He didn’t want to just accept the easiest and quickest option available.
He wanted to go the extra mile.
Because it’s worth it.

I created a five-panel locket with a stylized family monogram on the front with birthstones of Brian and Amber; three interior panels (one for each son) with their nursery motifs, birthstones, and photos; and a back panel with a quote from Dr. Seuss about being anything you choose. You know, the one about having brains in your head and feet in your shoes….

Remarkable family. Remarkable locket.



Remarkabe Locket for a Remarkable Family

When Rodney and Angela became neighbors, Rodney knew she was the one. He had been a bachelor for quite some time, never willing to settle for less than the right girl. But she was gathering her strength as she worked through a life transition, and she wasn’t ready. So he waited. Two years later, they sat in my studio telling me their story, and we proceeded together to design an engagement ring and wedding bands for them.

Jewelry is so very personal. There are so many examples in history, film and literature of a piece of jewelry carrying a powerful narrative. Be it an association to a lost loved one, an accomplishment or a promise, or a symbol of a personal commitment, jewelry is a powerful talisman.


Rings for Rodney & Angela

Rings for Rodney & Angela

My client Maribeth visited me in the midst of cancer treatments to talk about her children. “Love Never Fails” was the inscription she wanted inside the four rings she wanted me to make for her two daughters and two sons. I had created rings and lockets for them before when they graduated or for a sweet sixteen, so I knew her family well.



Rings for Maribeth’s Kids

I created four rings, and I carved six grooves in the exterior of each ring to symbolize the six members of their family and their respective paths. I inscribed the message she wanted, and I set a small faceted sapphire on the inside of each ring since Maribeth’s birthstone was a sapphire. She was able to give those rings to her children herself, just weeks before her death. I’m grateful that I was able to see her one last time when she came to the studio to thank me after she had given them the rings. Moments like this remind me that my work is sacred.


Often my clients have pieces of existing jewelry that have some meaning for them (because jewelry is, after all, personal). Perhaps they are pieces that have been inherited or given to them, so there’s an association for them between the piece and the person it brings to mind. When I’m asked if I can use elements from those pieces to create a new piece, the answer is usually yes. Absolutely!

Diana came to my studio with a bag of jewelry. There were lots of silver dolphin charms, some gold pieces from an Italian uncle, and a cocktail ring with a dozen small diamonds. She has three grandchildren, and she wanted to know if we could create something for each of her grandchildren using this array of family jewelry that wasn’t being worn. I assessed her bag of jewelry piece by piece, and then designed and created pieces for each grandchild using the metal, stones and interesting design elements from the old jewelry.

I call this renaissance jewelry.

I have several intentions when I work with a custom client:

  • Listening to and honoring the client’s story
  • Innovative narrative design
  • Unique jewelry of exceptional quality
  • Punctual delivery
  • Elegant presentation

So how does it work?

Perhaps you’ve never commissioned an artist before. Or maybe this is your first time having something custom made for you. Or, even if you’re a seasoned custom client, my goal is to make the process easy and meaningful for you.

The first step is to set up a time to talk on the phone about what you have in mind. Send me an email to let me know you’re interested. There’s a form below to make this easy for you.

Some things to think about:

Sketch to Silver

Referencing the Sketch….

  • For whom would the jewelry piece be made?
  • What would it be? A ring? A locket? A necklace? Something else…..
  • What’s the reason?

During our initial conversation, I look forward to learning about what you have in mind. Based on your story, design ideas will begin to develop. From there projects proceed through sketches, estimates, deposits, benchwork, process photos, and finally the finished piece.

Through the years, my clients have come to me for all kinds of reasons. I am continually inspired by them and their remarkable approach to life and honoring the relationships they enjoy.

It’s a beautiful parade of narrative, piece after piece, story after story.

I’d love to hear your story. And talk about what I could create to honor you, your loved one, and the story.

Let’s talk.


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