Living Fully

Living Fully

While browsing my social media feeds recently, it hit me. My clients are AMAZING.

I kept seeing my jewelry in their posts. They were not photos of the jewelry itself, and they were not “check out the jewelry I just got from GMA.” I do love those props, but this was something different.

People who happen to be clients of mine were sharing glimpses into their lives. They were sending their kids off to the prom. They were attending graduations.They were launching their newest book. They were celebrating birthdays with nice dinners out. They were taking selfies at the airport. They were waiting in doctor’s offices for test results. They were showing their own artwork in art festivals. They were leading national conferences. They were being interviewed by television news personalities. They were taking walks. They were drinking coffee. They were living fully and relishing every moment.

And because I know them and I remember the jewelry I made for them (and because I confess I have a habit of noticing the jewelry people wear), I kept seeing my work in their photos. This isn’t a new phenomenon, but that particular evening, there were several in a row, and I was struck by the commonality.

Jewelry is indeed personal. There is so often an association, a story, a meaning. It’s such an intimate art form because of its position on the body and its subsequent presence with us as we move through our days. What an honor for me to know that my work is there as all those amazing people move through their lives, the good, the great, the regular, and even the difficult. I love knowing that my work is with them in all of it.


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