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dividers-transbkPlease use the form below to apply to the GMA Mentorship Program for Metalsmiths.

Because of her business schedule, Ginger only accepts a few clients at a time. If she does not have an opening when you apply, you may be placed on a waiting list. Either way, after your application is received, we will be in touch with our response and to discuss next steps within three business days.

After your application is accepted, Ginger will conduct an initial session with you (that does not count as one of your mentoring sessions) to discuss timing, payment, and plan the logistics related to your mentorship (such as technology needs, time zone issues, etc.).

You will receive access to a password protected section of Ginger’s website where your mentorship plans are kept, as well as notes, worksheets, timelines and other pertinent information.

Congratulations on taking this step toward supporting your own growth in a new way!


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