Waiting… for that sweetest bliss

Waiting… for that sweetest bliss

Sometimes it’s just not your turn.

Sometimes the needs of others whose lives are tied to yours must take precedence.

Think about it. If you disregard the things that really are your responsibility in order to pursue your own bliss, you wouldn’t ever even reach that bliss if you knew others were suffering in your wake.

img_0267This doesn’t mean you wait forever. After all, you chose where you are. And there are gifts in this place. Maybe there’s bliss here, too.

But we are dynamic beings, always growing and changing. And things can get complicated as we evolve and we are also tied to others.

We all have many roles in life. For me, those include (in no particular order) artist, entrepreneur, wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, friend, guacamole fiend, etc… Because we are connnected to others in this human experience, our choices affect others. (The guys who make the fresh guacamole at Fiesta Mexicana are counting on me, at least three times a month, for now.)

Perhaps this is about just needing to be needed. Maybe so. Or, perhaps it’s about an interconnectedness among us and a realization that our lives affect those around us. That comes with some responsibility.

The people to whom I live my life connected want me to have my bliss. They want me to thrive and celebrate and feel deep, toe-tickling joy. And, I also have to engage the dutiful, sometimes mundane things in life on their behalf to keep it all clicking. Because I want them to have their bliss, too. Their deep, toe-tingling joy. It’s not my job to create their joy, but it is my job to keep my promises.

Therein lies the beauty in having seasons of life. Some seasons are about diapers and runny noses. Some seasons are about pinnacle hikes and live concerts. And sometimes we get glimpses of seasons to come, before it’s time.

img_0064My clients Shelly and Cindy married recently. I made their wedding rings, incorporating a representation of their journey toward that wedding day. It took them 15 years to get there. When they found each other, they were both otherwise occupied with being married and mothering. It wasn’t their turn.

But 15 years later, it is indeed their turn. Indeed. And how sweet it must be.

How sweet it must be to have bliss while also knowing you’ve cared for those who love you, too.

Congratulations Shelly & Cindy!

Relish the bliss.

And for those who are waiting for their turn, enjoy the moment. Perhaps it’s not all about the destination.

Keep reading below to learn more about Shelly & Cindy’s rings….

About the Our Turn Wedding Rings

Shelly and Cindy’s 15-year journey was represented in a timeline, cut from a single bar of palladium white gold. Here is a selection of images from some of their sketches, some of their process gallery, and finally some shots of the finished rings.

(click on images below to enlarge)

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