Wanna Get Married?

Wanna Get Married?

Thinking of proposing?

Is there a ring in that question?

IMG_0063In many ways, this will be among the most significant decisions of your life. For many, the magnitude of making that move is overwhelming. For others, it’s just plain exciting. Either way, the moment of the declaration, or the question if that’s your way, is a big moment.

Let’s look at what we already know.

– This person is your person. What a gift!
– Your sense of togetherness is perennial. It’s something you cherish. You want to keep that in your life.
– It’s a one-of-kind love.

IMG_0025So, yes, I’m a jeweler, and I make bespoke rings for clients who want something unique that exists only once, for them. But, I have been doing this work in the world long enough to know that what I do really isn’t about the ring.

It’s not about the jewelry. (Yes, you read that right.)

It’s about the people. The hearts. The minds.
The stories. And the ways they engage life.

Do I make custom wedding and engagement rings? Yes.

Do I offer diamonds? Yes. (ethical ones, of course)

Do I melt down gold and create something new with it? Yes.

Do I help people express their love for themselves and for each other? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Jewelry is a personal and highly intimate art form. We wear it on our bodies, and it connects us to truths we cherish.

IMG_0089My clients bring me their stories. I give them something they can wear that honors that narrative.

This is my work in the world.

This is my maker’s offering.

If you’d like to talk more about any of this, send a message here.

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